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Local governments, large corporations, retailers, hospitals and institutions who want clean energy at scale and low prices.


If you want to own a solar farm with access to large-scale prices, but don’t have the land or don’t want to build one yourself, then Solar Q-OWN is for you.

Solar Q-OWN allows you to own your large-scale solar farm by purchasing panels as well as the land from our Q-Energy Zone. Because you own part of a utility-sized solar farm, you will benefit from our economies of scale. You will be able to point to your solar farm in your marketing materials and offset your energy consumption with clean energy without the complications of building your own asset.

There is no need to wait three years for your solar farm to get all approvals and be built – you can access clean energy immediately. You can either let us take care of everything, from building to running the solar farm, or build the solar farm yourself and outsource the operation and maintenance to us.

Your Investment

Depending on your cost of capital, you can either provide upfront capital or pay in progress instalments.

Specifications and eligibility

Minimum size of purchase is 15 MW, and 5 MW increments thereafter.

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