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Ideally suited to

Local governments, large corporations, retailers, hospitals, institutions and shopping centres who want to access clean energy at low prices without having a renewable energy asset on the balance sheet and without having to maintain these systems.


If you want to meet your power needs from renewable energy, but don’t want to have a large-scale plant on your balance sheet, then you may consider Solar Q-DIRECT.

With Solar Q-DIRECT, you will enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us. This means that you agree to purchase a certain amount of energy from us, at a fixed price, over a set period of time, which will typically be between five and ten years. You can also select a bundled PPA and buy the Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs), which allow you to claim the renewable energy production so that you can meet your carbon reduction target.

Depending on your accounting treatment, the renewable energy solution will be off the balance sheet.

Your Investment

A fixed amount per MWh over a specified period of time.

Specifications and eligibility

Minimum size of purchase is 5 MW, and 1 MW increments thereafter.

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