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Industry and research institutions with a need for energy security, looking for land to build and who want access to affordable renewable electricity.


Q-INDUSTRY is the perfect solution for organisations looking to build a new asset in close proximity to a large-scale solar farm. Because the solar energy will be deployed behind your meter, you will be able to offset the tariff you would normally pay for grid-based electricity, making this solution extremely cost-effective. You can get most, or all your energy needs from our solar farm with battery storage, but you will also be connected to the grid for backup energy supply.

Our solar farm is close to urban population centres, with enough buffer to neighbouring properties. It is located near Whitebay Highway, with a two hours distance to the Port of Brisbane. It is less than ten kilometres from the Queensland rail network.

Your Investment

Capital cost to buy land from us. Costs for your renewable electricity (based on your electricity demand).

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