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The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), in its Integrated System Plan (ISP) has identified the Darling Downs and Fitzroy areas as the optimal development zones for solar in Queensland, due primarily to network constraints and loss factors applying to more northerly areas. SolarQ’s development sites are significantly advantaged over even these Darling Downs and Fitzroy priority zones.

The SolarQ Energy Zones are large scale offering lower cost construction. The sites are located nearby workforces in population centres avoiding high labour cost inputs. The delivery costs are low because the sites are within two hours of a major port (Brisbane).

Advantage In Cost

Delivered Energy

Co-locating the Q Energy Zones on the fringe of 70% of the Queensland population and for these customers it provides lower cost energy. The company’s first project, the Lower Wonga Q-Energy project has the following superior attributes:

  • The site is only 75km north of the Sunshine Coast
  • Adjoins an existing 275kV substation (Woolooga HS) with spare capacity to assist in lowering capital cost of development
  • 350m transmission line to connect (either SolarQ or Powerlink land).
  • The site directly connects to South Pine 2 x 275kV networks (Queensland’s Regional Reference Node RRN).
  • Co-location to population bases provides lower loss factors and lowers network congestion risks.

The Darling Downs has attracted a lot of investment in the area due to the lower transmission loss and network constraints. Solar Q is targeting projects that have almost no transmission losses within unconstrained networks.

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