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Historically, we have seen a small number of large energy companies with predominantly coal fired power stations near coal assets provide stable energy supply through the energy network to customers. Customers did not have choice and energy suppliers became complacent and expensive. South East Queensland is an expensive location in the world for energy.

With new technology and legislative capability, disruption to the market from roof top PV and large-scale solar energy is beginning to penetrate the market. Energy customers who are seeking independence from the previous electricity regime have built significant projects like the Sunshine Coast Council’s, Valdora Solar Farm to access renewable energy with ownership of their asset.

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To take this example, Valdora (15MW) was built for $50M and the LGCs were sold to assist in the viability. The renewable asset will be maintained at a cost and a retailer (Diamond Energy) is involved as part of the regulatory requirement to retail the power.

“We have approval for a 350MW Solar PV and 4,000MWh of battery storage and are advancing on approvals for a 1,000MW Solar PV. We are your low cost renewable energy solution without complexity.”

Similar scenarios are unfolding where organisations are having to spend significant resources finding sites, undertaking feasibilities, applications, securing funding and hiring contractors to complete projects. In the case of Valdora, more than $3.3M/MW was expended on the EPC alone.

“With out economy of scale, projects like Valdora could be provided for almost 50% of the cost without the complexity, saving enormous money for their stakeholders.”

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