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SolarQ develops large scale strategic energy assets, but how can SolarQ better deliver these assets to potential customers? SolarQ understands the market dynamics and has analysed that different customers need different energy solutions.

The Customer Types SolarQ identified:

  1. Some customers want to own their own solar farm.
  2. Some customers do not have the capital to build their own solar farm but have good annuity income. They want renewable energy and they want a long term stable supply without price fluctuation risk.
  3. Some customers want to enter into a traditional supply agreement from a renewable supplier over a longer term and save money.
  4. Some energy hungry customers want to locate their business nearby low cost energy behind the meter.

Dependent on the customer needs, you can either purchase without the complexity a parcel of our Q-Zone solar farm, including the land, you can lease a portion of our solar farm, or enter into a Power Purchase Agreement.

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“Customers did not have choice and energy suppliers became complacent and expensive, SolarQ aims to change that…

Over the past few years SolarQ has researched and acquired large scale, strategically located economic renewable energy assets. Our team has applied their vast experience and simple business model to the SolarQ practice, making our unique product easily accessible to all customers, regardless of energy needs.

We aim to be affordable, with flexible offers, to provide low cost energy to our customers. We are capable at handling the operational aspects of the business, giving you peace of mind moving forward, towards a renewable future.

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